Mobile NFC payments for every Mastercard and VISA card you already own

Works with banks incompatible with Android Pay

Card details stay on the app

Your card details never leave the app. Tapito does not communicate with the internet and card details are never stored on any cloud server.

Verifiable: Visit the Google Play Store listing and check its required permissions. "Network permissions" is not one of them.

Encrypted with fingerprint and secure lock pattern

Card details are stored on the device using AES-256 encryption.

Works in North and South American countries

Tapito will work with Mastercard and VISA debit and credit cards with contactless terminals in North & South American countries, including: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, and USA.

Tapito may work in other countries than those listed. Feel free to give it a try in your country and let us know of the outcome. We're happy to issue a refund if Tapito does not work for you.

  • Did you just beat Google?
  • Uh this is awesome.... works with TD Visa Debit.
  • Holy crap! I just tried it and it actually works.
  • I tried it at Subway and it worked for me.
  • Holy f--- this is amazing I love you
  • This works like magic!

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